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Keeping your lake or pond in pristine condition each year round and being able to relax and enjoy the beautiful view can be a challenge. Swim, boat and play without the weeds while also increasing your property value and rediscover your waterfront property today with Eco Waterway Services.

Studies have shown that when all other factors were equal, properties on lakes with clearer water achieved significantly higher property prices. Not surprisingly, people prefer clean water and will pay more to live on waterfront properties with better water quality. What you do to sustain or improve water quality will improve resale potential. On the other hand, if water quality is degraded, lower property values could result.

We work closely with our clients to coordinate the most efficient dredging, weed and sediment removal methods based on your situation and the specific needs of the client. We are very familiar with environmental regulations and work in partnership with local, state or federal officials throughout the dredging process. Happy Customers are our best referrals! Eco Waterway Services can help you revive your water features and reinvigorate business with deeper and clearer water for recreation and irrigation. During lake dredging projects we are extra sensitive to the aesthetic and environmental issues associated with residential and recreational aquatic areas. Eco Waterway Services ensures our work areas are clean and well-maintained with no shoreline disturbance.

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