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Diver Assisted Suction Harvesting

Suction weed harvesting is a special process of lake weed removal, different from weed cutting. Divers identify the target plants, loosen the plants by the roots and guide them into a suction device. This process is known as Diver Assisted Suction Harvesting, or DASH. It is more productive and effective than hand harvesting, where are diver faces limitations on the amount of invasive plants that can me removed in any given time. The Wisconsin DNR recommends this process as an alternative soultion to chemical treatment, especially in smaller target areas.

The extraction of each plant by its root system as opposed to cutting its stem is important. It permanently eliminates the nuisance plant, rather than only slowing its growth temporarily. The suction material is deposited thru two filtering systems. The majority of the weeds are deposited into a containment bag at the surface via a suction hose. A secondary filtering system prevents fragments of the weed to enter back into the water for possible re-germination. This process allows for material to be moved in large amounts, increasing efficiency in both removal and disposal.

The advantages of this harvesting method are that specific plants can be chosen for removal. This significantly reduces the risk of the unintentional destruction of protected or endangered species of plants, as well as limiting removal of native species. Only the invasive or nuisance plant species that is causing the problem is removed, which gives native plants the capability to repopulate the areas that they have been pushed out, giving the eco system a chance to return to it’s natural balance.

water weed bags

The weed plants are collected in special bags to be transported off site.

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Our specialists only targets the nuisance plants and preserves native, protected and endangered plants.