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Golf Course Dredging

green-83020Golf courses require lots of water. Having fresh water storage capacity to keep your expensive greens watered in the summer is essential to maintaining the quality and appearance of your golf courses. Your clientele want to golf in beautiful surroundings, not next to shallow ponds full of algae.

Aside from aesthetics, removal of built up sediments from your golf course ponds will allow for more water storage, and can reduce the amount of wear on expensive irrigation pumps and equipment that are needed to keep your expensive greens in top shape. Maintenance dredging is important to ensure your gold standard reputation!

Our hydraulically powered suction-head dredge vacuums sediment from the bottom of your pond or lake. Even objects like golf balls are no problem for our dredge or the suction weed harvester.

Eco Waterway Services has the experience and the most effective and efficient equipment to dredge golf courses without the need to drain your pond or take your course out of play. Our professional staff can perform their work while members enjoy your course. We take great care to protect your course during the entire project of removing sediment.