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Marina Dredging

Marina Dredging

marina dredgingMaintenance dredging is important in marina settings to maintain adequate water depths for boat slips and navigation approaches for vessels of all sizes. Accumulation of sediment and debris in these areas is unavoidable and often even predictable. Dredging the marina on a regular basis is recommended for a variety of reasons:

– Uninterrupted use of marina and worry-free accessibiliy

– Ability to plan both for business cost and short term slip closings

Eco Waterway services boasts the technology and expertise to offer newer advanced removal methods and efficient and creative solutions to maintaining your waterbody beds. Our equipment offers maneuverability and accessibility, allowing us to dredge slips in a timely manner. As a result, you are not forced to berth vessels and reduce your revenue.

Our hydraulically powered suction head dredge collects sediment from the lake or bay bottom and our diver assisted weed suction services can remove the plants by their roots. Our method is proven to be an effective solution that rivals simply cutting vegetation. Cutting vegetation can in fact intensify your sediment problem by leaving more organic material behind that can eventually grow back via stranded fragments or add to accumulating debris.

Our equipment and team give the advantage of:

- protection and invigoration of aquatic habitat and water quality

- removal of unhealthy muck

- boat slip accessibility maintenance

- reduction of unanticipated obstructed water traffic