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Marina Dredging

Marina Dredging

marina dredgingRegularly scheduled dredging is important to marinas to maintain the neccessary water depths on boat slips and approaches for larger boats and yachts in the regional market. Without dredging, a marina can be forced to close slips for their customers until they are again able to maintan adequate water depth. Since the build up of sediment is not only unavoidable but predictable, dredging the marina on a regular basis is recommended for a variety of reasons:

1. Ability to plan both for cost as well as for short term slip closings

2. Less problems navigating the permit process related to sediment disposal

3. Uninterupted use of the marina

Through our technology and expertise, we offer the most advanced and efficient solution. Our equipment offers the best maneuverability, allowing us to dredge slips much faster than most of our competitors. As a result, you are not forced to berth smaller boats and reduce your revenue.

Our hydraulically powered suction head dredge vacuums sediment from the bottom of the lake and our weed suction services removes weeds by their roots. This is a more effective solution than just cutting them shorter and watching them grow right back.

Our equipment and well trained team give you the advantage of:

- protection of marine life and water quality

- protection of docks, boats and slips

- removals and disposal or clean as well as contaminated sediment

- reduction of traffic, noise and disturbing odors