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Power/Energy and Water Plants

10ptFEATUREonsite7Fly ash ponds, gypsum, cooling ponds, water treatment ponds, intake channels, outlet channels- We understand your business. Security. Safety. Environment. Maintenance Hydraulic Vacuum Dredging is the technology of today! Our solutions save your budget dollars.

Our equipment is the latest in technology and delivers more effective and efficient results…PROVEN to save you time and money and keep you on budget. Our hydraulic dredging equipment is state-of-the-art and provides precise maneuverability that allows us to get into the smallest of ponds without disturbing the borders.

We also can help you remove those pesky Aquatic Plants with our Suction Weed Removal equipment! No one else in the TRI-STATE area has this equipment!

Let our experienced professionals take care of your ongoing needs before they become crises. Your ponds and channels are worth protecting and if you value a strong, long-term partner that will consult with you about the best solution, then we are the right choice for your project