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Diver Assisted Suction Harvesting
D.A.S.H is a special process of lake weed removal. Our divers hand extract the plant material by the root system and then bag the weeds to be disposed of offsite.
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Hydraulic Dredging
Hydraulic dredging is a preferred method by the WI DNR for sediment removal. Sediment is removed by a hydraulic dredge boat with a cutter head and transported through piping to geo textile bags on shore. This method causes minimal impact to the surrounding area.
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Mechanical Dredging
In areas that have limited water or laydown area, hydraulic dredging can be difficult, if not impossible. Eco offers mechanical dredging by use of an amphibious excavator for projects that require mechanical removal.
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Shoreline Restoration
Protect your shoreline from the natural erosion caused by our harsh winters with our shoreline restoration services.
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Permitting Services
All the services Eco offers are regulated by the WI DNR and local county ordinances. Let our expert permit specialists take the stress out of these filings.
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Customers reviews

“The team at Eco Waterway Services was so professional and so capable.  I am very pleased at the level of service provided. Thank you so much.”
Jim Curtis
“I reached out to Eco waterway not really sure of the exact service that I needed, but after a phone call and a meeting I felt reassured I was getting the right information.”
Leslie L.
“Everything felt very seamless I was helped through the process every step of the way. From permits to cleanup they were a big help.”
Mike T